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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for pain relief? Find answers to some of our patient’s (and we’re guessing your) most frequently asked questions about visiting a chiropractor.

A: Proper alignment affects the whole body. It can boost your immune system, improve your sleep quality, alleviate migraines, and for athletes it is literally a competitive edge.

Voyage Family Chiropractic

Myths & Facts

It’s our goal to help patients weed out the truth from the misconceptions that often plague chiropractic care. Unfortunately, if a myth is widespread, it can be accepted as fact, even with little truth to back it up.

Fact: According to studies, a chiropractic adjustment can be safer than most day-to-day activities like stargazing, having your hair washed, and more.

At Voyage Family Chiropractic, we Specialize in Activator Methods.

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