Chiropractic care usually involves pain relief and bodily adjustments to help us function and move better. While it’s typically associated and recommended more for adults, it’s best to recognize that even younger ones can be treated and helped by chiropractors. For instance, chiropractors can greatly benefit infants.

The adjustments given are not like the regular ones, though. They are given in a very gentle manner, simply to help improve the infant’s quality of life. They can also help parents make sure that the infant is healthy and can enjoy a better life post-birth. Pre-birth chiropractic care is also available for pregnant women and their children.

There are several ways in which pediatric chiropractic care can benefit infants, and here are just some of the few examples:

1) Spinal Recovery

At birth, an infant experiences a lot of pressure and stress, especially when the body goes through a long and tough delivery. The experience can hurt the spine, especially since the spinal column is not yet as strong as an adult’s. 

So even with the gentlest of adjustments, chiropractic care can greatly help in making sure that the spine of the infant is well-aligned so that it can rest straight. This will greatly help in the body movement and motion of the infant.

2) GERD Symptoms

Infants are often quiet and hardly move, and this may be due to the fact that they have a hard time swallowing, also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease. With GERD, the upper esophageal sphincter, which helps keep the food in the stomach, is not properly working.

Without the pressure of the food going back up, it is likely to produce a lot of digestive problems in infants. A gentle spinal adjustment can greatly help in terms of improving the sphincter’s function and reducing the GERD symptoms.

3) Colic Symptoms 

If the infant is crying a lot and there is no clear rhyme or reason for it, it can be a sign of colic. Colic symptoms in infants are due to the fact that the infant is experiencing gas pains, tummy pain, and constant crying.

Colic can also be caused by other digestive problems like indigestion and acid reflux. Just like with GERD, the chiropractic caregiver can significantly help in reducing the colic symptoms by administering gentle spinal adjustments.

4) Early Infections

Obvious discomfort in infants can be a sign of early infection or ailment in the body, and it’s evident if the baby is experiencing fever and is having a hard time breathing. Luckily, pediatric chiropractic care can help in the healing process and even assist the body in fighting off the infection effectively.

5) Improved Sleeping Patterns

Infants need proper sleep to help the body recover and fight off infections after being born. If the sleeping pattern is not straight or proper, it can contribute to the severity of the symptoms of the infant. Luckily, chiropractic care can help in relaxing the infant’s body, ensuring that they get a good night’s rest.


Getting chiropractic care can be a very effective way of helping infants make sure that their bodies will have a better quality of life. Even with gentle adjustments to the body, it will still improve how the body functions.

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